Friday, 11 January 2013 -'Kumki was a wonderful experience'

'Kumki was a wonderful experience'

India December 14(IM):This Friday is a historic moment.

Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan's grandson, Vikram Prabhu, Prabhu's son, makes his on-screen debut in Kumki. This movie is presented by Thirrupathi Brothers' N Lingusamy and produced by N Subash Chandra Bose. 

It is released by Studio Green K E Gnanavelraja. In the Prabusolomon-directed Kumki, Vikram shares screenspace with Lakshmi Menon and Manikkam, the elephant.

How has his debut flick shaped up? Vikram says, "Kumki has been a wonderful experience to me. We have shot in spectacular locations for the film. Shooting for the flick was physically tiring. I lived a different lifestyle during the making of the film. I had to run barefoot in the forests, tame an elephant and trek gigantic mountains during the shoot.

When I saw the outcome, I was so happy. This is the magic of cinema and I understood it in my very first film itself." On playing the role of a mahout and forging a special relationship with the elephant, he says, "The character taught me a lot of patience, which is the most important aspect of a mahout.

I miss Manikkam now. He was incredible." So, is Vikram feeling the pressure of this momentous occasion? The actor says, "The pressure is very much on. All these days I was excited about the release. My fingers are crossed for a good response for my debut film. I have an added responsibility as I have come from a renowned film family. There are high expectations riding on me.

I hope I do not disappoint my grandfather's and my dad's fans."

Ask him how his family background helped him bag Kumki and he says, "My family tag helped me for the first step in films. But I know only my hard work and talent will take me further from here." Vikram recently met Rajinikanth at his residence. He says, "Rajini sir has always been very supportive. I met him on his birthday and got his blessings for my debut film. He wished me wholeheartedly for Kumki's success."

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